Follow the Everyday Adventures of Non-Typical Superhero Girlfriends in “Supercakes”

Follow the Everyday Adventures of Non-Typical Superhero Girlfriends in “Supercakes”

I’m a big fan of stories that focus on superheroes doing mundane things, or stories that explore the lives of less publicized heroes as they navigate their daily routine. In a world where we’re inundated with gritty big-budget superheroes who skew heavily towards white, male, and heterosexual, it’s always nice to see something that eschews the status quo in favor of a story that is actually fun to read.

Supercakes by Kat Leyh is an excellent example. The story is a cute-concept-turned-webcomic following the lives of May Ai and Molly “Mo” LaMarck, also known as Tank and Shift, a pair of superpowered, supercute girlfriends who have just recently moved in together. In between pancakes, pizza, and family potlucks, they also have to find time to save the world (or at least keep New York City in one piece). While the stories are non-linear vignettes that generally focus on small aspects of May and Mo’s life together, there is a deeper story hinted at, including Mo’s unspoken trust issues and the mysterious disappearance of her mother many years earlier.

While Supercakes is most definitely rooted in the superhero genre, and fighting crime and stopping mayhem is a big part of our heroine’s lives, what this comic really communicates is a story of learning to trust and opening oneself up to positive change. May is boisterous and loving where Mo is reserved and skeptical, and watching them play off each other is just as entertaining as watching them fight giant robots and ice monsters.

The comic is currently made up of five short vignettes with more on the way, according to creator Kate Leyh. Rest assured, despite having no set update schedule, if you’re at all like me you will be checking Supercakes daily to re-read and revisit this lovable dynamic duo.

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