Uncover a Dangerous Group of Mystics in “The Bone Clocks”

Uncover a Dangerous Group of Mystics in “The Bone Clocks”

Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell’s much-anticipated new novel The Bone Clocks is a fascinating journey through the metaphysical with an interesting social commentary on current events. Written in six parts, the novel’s heroine is Holly Sykes, a teenager who is a magnet for paranormal phenomenon and gets caught up in a war for humanity and the Earth itself.

On one side are the benevolent Horologists who reincarnate in human bodies and attempt to help the world. Their mortal enemies, the Anchorites, feast on human souls in order to preserve their immortality. Basically, on one side is the “do-gooders” while the other side is motivated by greed, which is a jab at the state of social justice and environmental welfare today. While yes, there are many people trying to better humanity and saving the Earth from pollution, sadly there are a large number of people who are motivated by the thought of getting rich and couldn’t care less about helping others.

Aside from providing witty social commentary, the Anchorites’ desires to stay forever young is also a way for the author to muse on how humans fear our own mortality and often go to drastic measures, such as undergoing plastic surgery to stay “young and beautiful.” Not only does The Bone Clocks allow Mitchell to comment on social issues, but it’s also a fun fantasy read for those readers who are bored of the standard fare of elves, witches, or vampires.

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