Cannons: “Spells”

Cannons? Spells? This band sure does like using plural nouns without articles! Anarthrous nouns aside, the L.A. electronic trio just released their Up All Night EP last month but are already back with more great music. “Spells,” the group’s latest single, gives us more of their brand of sleek, moody dance music with a warm texture of funk guitars, thick synths, and Michelle Joy’s unassumingly beautiful voice. She sings about her obsession with a guy, “There’s something about you/’Cause even in my sleepless nights/I’m thinking about you.” She concludes that it must be magic making her feel this way. The irony here is that Cannons have a way of putting the listener under their spell, and if you listen to “Spells,” you’ll surely become just as obsessed.

You can buy “Spells” or their Up All Night EP from Cannons’ Bandcamp now.

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