NONI WO: “How Can I Plz You”

When we last saw Montreal experimental pop quartet NONI WO, they had just put out their single “Solarstorm” in preparation for the release of their debut, U S B E P. Originally slated for September 9, the group has pushed back the release until October and released an even stronger single in “How Can I Plz You.” Like “Solarstorm,” the song has a strong RnB beat with slinky indie rock guitars over it. But “How Can I Plz You” feels more thought out, less improvised and aimless. Rory Wolf Seydel’s vocals whine through his idiosyncratic vocal melodies. Warm layers of guitars and atmospheric synths create a laid back groove to contrast his frenetic performance, ultimately making for an unusual but captivating experience.

The U S B E P will be released (on USB, obviously) on October 11 via Banko Gotiti Records, which you can pre-order here.

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