Watch Astro Boy Creator Tezuka Osamu’s 1984 Animated Short “Jumping”

Animator/manga artist Tezuka Osamu might be best known for creating the manga/TV series Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion (you know, that anime The Lion King ripped off of), but his expansive portfolio includes several short films, a few of which have been recently made available online. His 1984 short Jumping is a visual exploration of perception that puts you in the point-of-view of a child who’s jumping. As the child’s jumps get higher and higher, we’re treated to a first-person POV of an eccentric trip about the world that even includes a quick stop into the underworld. If you liked this, there are 12 more shorts to dig through made courtesy of TezukaAnime. Aaaand there goes our afternoon.

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