“Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars” Combines Retro Gameplay With Campy ’60s Sex Romps

Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars is pure, unashamed, cheesy pulp, and it’s great. The game centers around a 100% realistic premise: What will you, a lesbian spider-queen of Mars, do when an entire planet of hot topless ladies rises up against you? That’s easy–grab your sceptre, lasso them back into your harem, and find out who’s started this treasonous rebellion in the first place! Not gonna lie, I kind of expected to see Jane Fonda in her Barbarella costume at some point; it’s that campy. It’s cheeky, it’s sexy (if you’re into pixels), and it completely abandons any premise of realism for the sake of fun.

If you’re put off by the master-slave theme or the idea of straight men objectifying lesbians again, it’s understandable. Developer Anna Anthropy, also known as Auntie Pixelante, is well aware of the unsavory implications of the genre. While she doesn’t side step the issue entirely, the game is littered with messages like “All power exchanges must be negotiated;” and as for herself, she’s fairly well established in the LGBT gaming community.

In summary, Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars is a great throwback to retro gaming and the sheer insanity of the ’60s sci-fi.

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