“The Confessions of Dorian Gray” is an Audio-Play for Oscar Wilde Lovers

“The Confessions of Dorian Gray” is an Audio-Play for Oscar Wilde Lovers

From the studio that produces the Doctor Who audio-plays comes the second season of a great serial.  The premise of The Confessions of Dorian Gray is simple: that the story of Dorian Gray was true and that Oscar Wilde’s greatest achievement was convincing the world that it was a piece of fiction.  Each episode is a vignette from his endless life, ranging from the 19th century to the 1980s, to today and into the future.   Each episode is brilliantly acted and written, with the overarching theme of oddly supernatural occurrences reminding Dorian that he just can’t die and maybe that isn’t so great with all the things he’s done in the past to haunt him.  Seasons one and two can be purchased at Big Finish, with Season 2 halfway through completion, and an audio-play version of the actual book The Picture of Dorian Gray will be released later this month.  I’m not huge on audio-plays, and I’m not huge on spending money on digital files either, but these are cheap and absolutely worth it.

Above is the trailer to the first episode.  Also worth mentioning is the Bernice Summerfield collection Legion, which originated the idea for this audio-play.  Specifically book #2 of Legion titled Shades of Gray.  The Bernice Summerfield audio-plays are part of the Doctor Who universe, but you don’t need to know anything about Doctor Who to enjoy Shades of Gray.  It’s in Shades of Gray that Big Finish first handled the character, with Alex Vlahos as the voice of Dorian for the first time.  Legion can be bought here, though I haven’t heard the rest of them, only Shades of Gray.  

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