Illustrator Edward Gorey Talks “Dracula” In This Rare, Animated Interview

Legendary illustrator Edward Gorey might be best known for his illustrated books done in his trademark gothic Victorian style, but back in 1977 he also helped kickstart a broadway production of Dracula, designing the costumes and set design, which he later won a Tony award for. But in this old recorded interview taken from a documentary shot shortly before his death, Gorey admits to not understanding the “big deal” about the production and reveals he thought his Tony award was undeserved. “If I were going to win a Tony award it should’ve been for the sets,” he says. “I don’t think I deserved the other one. Giving me a Tony award for eight tacky little costumes I felt was more an insult than anything else.” The interview is also animated in Gorey’s trademark pen-and-ink Edwardian style, making the whole thing a nice homage to his work.

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