Finally, a Game for Today’s Struggling, Unemployed Artists

If you can’t get enough of the starving artist experience in your daily life, why not try it in your virtual life? Ellie, the protagonist of Artisan: Going Home Again, is a young semi-professional artist who needs $50,000 to buy her parents’ house. It’s a story-driven visual novel/sim game about starting a career while fine-tuning your professional skills, building a reputation and not getting too burnt out. Why not get a more lucrative job? Well, in Ellie’s own words…art is the only thing she’s good at.

Of course, Ellie doesn’t work in isolation. Meeting other characters can unlock different stories and paths as they serve as artistic mentors while others are rivals, friends, or love interests. The balance of tasks is a little difficult, but that’s unsurprising, considering how hectic the life of a freelancer can be. Ellie has to juggle searching for jobs, learning technical skills, crafting and selling items, and working on her personal projects while also finding the time to relax and write.

If you get the impression that the developers poured a lot of their own experiences into this, well, you’re not wrong. Even if you’re not an artist or a freelancer, getting a glimpse into the barely organized chaos of the freelancing life will probably convince you that you made the right decision. (Kidding! …sort of.)

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