The Rebel Light: “Strangers”

Last year, we shared “Jukebox Dream” from L.A. band The Rebel Light. Now the group is back with “Strangers,” a new track that follows the trio’s earlier material down a rabbit hole of vintage ’60s nostalgia pop. After a violent drum intro, the song kicks into an infectious “Ba ba ba” hook. The jangly guitars and whirring synths compliment the melodic basslines and pounding drums to create a lush texture. But more than the pristine production, The Rebel Light show off some really clever songwriting tricks on “Strangers.” In the bridge, they take the same “Ba ba ba” hook but shove different chords underneath, recontextualizing the melody. It’s a small thing, but makes the whole song sound bigger, more adventurous.

You can buy “Strangers” for a name-your-own price on Bandcamp now.

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