Jordan Klassen: “Firing Squad”

Last year, Canadian singer/songwriter Jordan Klassen released his debut full-length album Repentance. It was an album filled with whimsical chamber pop arrangements and rootsy folk approaches to songwriting, but on his new single, Klassen has adopted a more straightforward indie-pop sound. Which is not to say that “Firing Squad” is lesser in quality in craft. The song contains enough trademarks of the songwriter’s previous idiolect to remain recognizable, but it channels his sound into a new style. It’s got a huge hook and eclectic production. It starts with just vocals and organ, but by the end it’s filled with ’70s soul string melodies, big acoustic guitars, and funky drums.

“Firing Squad is being released via Nevado Music with a b-side cover of HAIM’s “Falling” on November 18.

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