Anti Pony: “Cry On The Floor”

One of my earliest memories involves me riding a pony at my friend Kevin’s birthday party. Everyone was enjoying their pony rides, but when it was my turn, the animal decided to stop mid ride and relieve himself. I don’t know if something similar happened to the two members of new Swedish psych rock outfit Anti Pony, but the experience had a profound impact on my feelings about horses even today. As for the band, they just released their first track, “Cry On The Floor,” slated as the b-side of their first 7″ single. The track is filled with vintage ’60s psychedelia and noisy guitars. The lush production, with thick vocal harmonies and layers of effected guitars coming in and out, creates a wonderful hypnotic quality.

If “Cry On The Floor” is just the b-side, I can’t wait to hear what else Anti Pony waiting for us. You can pre-order the limited-edition 7″ Vinyl from PNKSLM now.

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