Moodblanc: “Friday Night”

Today is Halloween. It’s also Friday. That’s two excuses for reckless abandon! But you need the right music for all that revelry, and luckily Moodblanc is here to help. The latest single from the Swedish duo is a surefire way to get a party started. With funky grooves and disco guitar licks, in “Friday Night,” Moodblanc sets the tone for fun. The duo describe themselves as committed to “the good things in life: love, leisure and laziness. The feeling you have inside after a day on the beach and the nightlife yet to be explored.” It might be a little cold for a day on the beach, but go explore that nightlife. And bring “Friday Night” with you.

In fact, you can download the track for free on Moodblanc’s Soundcloud.

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