Listen to the Unreleased “Hellraiser” Theme Deemed Too Weird by Executives

It’s Horror Week on (The) Absolute! We’re reposting some of our spookiest, creepiest recommendations every day leading up to Halloween. Enjoy!

When I was younger and more of a coward, perhaps due to my naiveté or my credulity, I would sometimes mute the television when watching a horror film, right before the imminent jump-scare. Even at a young age, I was able to determine that music was a large, contributing factor in creating the tense atmosphere that brought terror. Nowadays, I would consider doing that a shame and a disservice to the awesome musicians who compose such spine-chilling themes, and thus, I now enjoy horror films on full volume.

There is, however, one film where I can’t do that–Hellraiser. And I say this not because the film lacks a soundtrack (an amazing set of musical compositions by Christopher Young) but because the film had music composed for it that was never used in the final cut. Director Clive Barker approached British industrial band Coil in hopes that they would compose the soundtrack for his film, which they did, but the end result was deemed too alienating by executives, and so the music remained unreleased. This “secret” main theme for Hellraiser is the incredible soundtrack I’m always sad to remember as the one that got away.

Take a listen, but be warned: this song, in addition to being a pure feat of musical genius, will also send shivers down your back. It may haunt you for days to come, but hey, it’s the perfect time of year for it to do so.

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