A Wizard Rock Battle Becomes an Arena for Bitter Exes in “I Ship It”

Writer and director Yulin Kuang is a name you’ll start hearing more of soon. She has created a stream of popular YouTube short videos, from a web series about Edgar Allan Poe to a short film about the perils of being flat-chested. Her shorts are clever and light-hearted, with a slight Wes Anderson-esque approach to humor for added oomph.

Her latest short, I Ship It, has been making a huge splash in geek corners of the Internet for being the first romantic comedy based around “wizard rock,” a real genre that is exactly what it sounds like (people singing about wizards). In I Ship It, the entire short is based around a wizard rock battle of the bands as two friends set out on a mission to get back at the exes that wronged them. As much as I hate to throw obnoxious words like “quirky” and “adorable” around, the short is indeed quite adorable if you enjoy nerdy love stories. There’s even a soundtrack, a music video, and an alternate ending to satiate hungry fans. If that’s still not enough, there’s also Kuang’s entire portfolio to poke through if you haven’t done so already. Wizards, out.

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