“Home” is Your Personal Horror Story

“Home” is Your Personal Horror Story

You’ve woken up in an unfamiliar place, and you’re not sure how you got there. A man lies on the floor, dead. You’re missing your wallet, and you’re not sure where your wife is. Can you uncover the truth?

Home is a new game from developer Benjamin Rivers that combines a horror adventure with mystery, pixel art, and “Choose Your Own Adventure” style gameplay. As you escape and head home, you discover small clues about what has happened and make decisions that affect the story. Do you take the gun or leave it? And what do you do with that dusty old picture? Decisions like these will change the story, and when you finish the 90-minute adventure, you’ll get a summary of your unique play-through. It’s definitely worth playing more than once.

Home is available for PC, Mac, and iOS.

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