Go Beyond False Memories, Sex, and Grief in Lisa Marie Basile’s “Apocryphal”

Go Beyond False Memories, Sex, and Grief in Lisa Marie Basile’s “Apocryphal”

Lisa Marie Basile’s poetry collection Apocryphal is a collection that will wrap its siren song slowly around you as you struggle to learn what’s  real and what’s fake. Apocryphal is littered with the author’s own memoirs and she spins her experiences into spellbinding poetry. Each piece is a tale set in a dreamy, almost retro seaside town where Basile explores the temptations of various vices that dance before her, like sexuality and grief.

The author muses on the towering, stern father from her past as she attempts to discover a self beyond what the patriarchy deems appropriate for women in our modern society. She undergoes a painful journey where she attempts to make herself believe that she’s only safe when she’s in the arms of a man. However, society’s patriarchal constructs only rip that delusion to bits and pieces.

The author’s words wrap themselves around the reader as they too struggle to figure out if men’s view of women is real or if women can find agency and free themselves, body and soul, from the negative stereotypes that haunt all women today. Whatever your interpretation is, Apocryphal has a seductiveness that’ll stick with you.


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