Mary Bichner: “Throw Stones”

Formerly of the ambitious chamber-pop band Box Five, Mary Bichner is continuing to prove herself as an unstoppable musical force as a solo artist. Her latest offering, the lush and haunting single “Throw Stones” has been swirling in my head for days. Bichner explains on her Tumblr that the song is written from the perspective of Sailor Moon character Galaxia in “conversation with Chaos, who she has just absorbed into her body in an attempt to seal away all evil forever.”

The somber piano ballad is beautifully augmented by an atypical string quartet (two violas instead of two violins, SAY WHAT?!) and Bichner’s soft but immediate vocals are affective and emotional. The beautiful video, directed by Scott Foley, finds Bichner and her lovely string players in nature as the sun begins to set.

It’s been a few years since Mary Bichner has released an EP or a full-length album, and “Throw Stones” is making me want one more and more!


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