Allie X: “Bitch”

When I first listened to Allie X‘s “Bitch” earlier this year I didn’t know what to make of it. I found it a tad obnoxious at first, but its assertive brattiness gradually wormed its way into my heart and now it’s one of my favorite tracks of 2014. Allie X has later said the song is about “the relationship that I have with myself and the sort of concessions or compromises I make with that dark part of myself.” But I’m not interested in whatever double meanings are present in the song–the song is simply catchy as hell.

This year Allie X has been the darling of music bloggers desperate to throw their support behind a pop singer they can respect. Allie X, with her catchy tunes and weird videos, easily squeezes into that role. While she hasn’t released any new songs since “Bitch,” here’s hoping she continues upping the ante.

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