Hello Seahorse!: Para Mi

Like many other classics, such as New Order’s famous “Blue Monday,” Mexican band Hello Seahorse! brings with their single “Para Mi” an autochthonous mixture of sounds that welcomes you with a long instrumental intro and pumps you up in a rather satisfying way. But don’t be misguided by the comparison: Hello Seahorse! is a Spanish-speaking indie pop band rather than an English post-punk act. Nevertheless, their personal take on the genre, exemplified by their song “Para Mi,” is unique enough to warrant a listen.

Having started making music since the early ‘2000s, the trio was influenced by other popular Mexican acts like Belanova and Plastilina Mosh, but found their own blend of rock sounds and ethereal singing that culminated in their latest album, Arunima. The interesting fact is that their music isn’t immediately recognizable as something inherently Mexican but stays true to the country’s musical history while being an example of its contemporary evolution.

With this song, which I believe is a perfect introduction to the band, you’ll find a fast paced and exciting melody that builds up momentum up to the chorus, a fantastic and repetitive cry that will make you lose yourself (which translates to “for me”). Even though you might not understand every word, it’s still an enjoyable piece of indie pop music. Enjoy!

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