The Search for General Tso

When you pick up your $6 worth of General Tso chicken from the greasy Chinese takeout place next door, you probably don’t think much about it (if you’re eating Chinese takeout you’re probably not thinking much about your diet anyway). But there’s more to General Tso chicken than we know. After all, it’s a dish that’s only served in America–and who’s General Tso anyway?

The Search for General Tso, a new documentary released this year, explores the mysterious culinary world of the popular Chinese dish. The film interviews Chinese chefs, culinary enthusiasts, and random locals to uncover the origins of General Tso. However, what’s hilarious is how so many people have no idea where it comes from, not even the Chinese. At one point in the trailer, a Chinese local who’s shown a picture of General Tso chicken says they’ve never seen the dish before and it looks “like frog meat.” The film might not answer all the question we have, but its exploration into how things change and migrate within a culture promises to be interesting to watch.

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