• GIF Art by DarkAngelØne

  • GIF Art by DarkAngelØne

  • GIF Art by DarkAngelØne

  • GIF Art by DarkAngelØne

GIF Art by DarkAngelØne

Who knew back in the ’90s when GIFs were aesthetically on the same level as MIDI music that a decade later they would become a bona fide art form? DarkAngelØne might not consider himself an artist, but he’s another name to add to the ever-expanding list of people manipulating art with GIFs. His work is a combination of what happens when Internet and post-modernism combine. His pieces are essentially remixes of other people’s art with added animations, but the artistic liberty he takes shows what happens when art intermingles with “share-friendly” web culture. “It is my opinion that art is meant to be shared and enjoyed,” he says. “It doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to anyone it calls to.” Don’t forget to also check out his Youtube that features music video versions of his animation work.

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  1. CutZy McCall

    Wow! As usual, brilliant work, my friend. This one is so spiritual and gleaming with meaning. Love it! Hugs, CutZy

  2. Daniel Girizd (Stavrography)

    That “artist” could at least have mentioned respectable artists he used art from, as I am being one of them (hand/face), and not seeing a mention anywhere, nor text, nor watermarked.
    There is a thin line between celebrating art and being a d*ck.
    “It doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to anyone it calls to.”? Well, little one, it belongs to us, wither you like it or not. Continue following this routine, and you will find your ass in court case.
    I will take the liberty of contacting original artists to, share with them this lovely post.

    Also, it is not legal to have my edited image on any kind of website other than those I’ve posted them on.
    Read the Creative Commons licence, if you know what that is:

    Yours truly, artist that prefers making, rather than stealing art, Stavro.

    Cheers mate.

    • The Absolute Staff

      Hi Daniel, thanks so much for letting us know! We do believe DarkAngel0ne credits the art he modifies in the file name, but we can understand how that can still be considered “stealing,” especially if it’s copyrighted. We removed your photo for that reason. You might want to consider contacting DarkAngel0ne directly as we’ve seen his work posted all over Tumblr and other websites. Have a good day. ;)

      • Daniel Girizd (Stavrography)

        Thanks for understanding and removing my pic, guys.
        I wrote to him, but he refused to remove my content.

        Stealing is a form of art itself, I guess, and if so, then he truly is a profound artist, indeed.



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