Choose Your Battles Wisely in Satirical Game “Social Justice Warriors”

The game might be called Social Justice Warriors, and you might be playing as the titular character hero, but don’t mistake any of that for support. Social Justice Warriors is a satirical turn-based game about online interactions and the futility of engaging in them–on both sides.

Interesting things to note: both the SJW and the troll are genderless and appear identical; “rightness” is irrelevant, with health measured out by sanity and reputation bars; and the choices you make are a little more complex than “stand up for what you believe in.” As the developer himself points out, a lot of the ambiguity of online interaction is removed for the sake of gameplay in Social Justice Warriors, but the hero may want to watch what kind of attacks they use. Inflammatory character attacks deal way more damage, but is that really the route you want to take?

On another note, the mechanics of gaming demand that each encounter be treated as though it were a battle, with enemies on one side and allies on the other. Of course, if every online encounter becomes a fight, then there’s little social progress or worthwhile discussion to be had, only a lot of mud-slinging and shrieking thinly disguised as a debate. While homophobia, sexism, transmisogyny and racism should never be left unchecked, slugging it out on a Reddit thread probably isn’t the best use of anyone’s time. Conserve your energy, choose your battles wisely, and remember: the comments on anything are always a cesspool of human filth.

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