Listen to Tangerine Dream’s Original Score for Grand Theft Auto 5

Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto knows that music is a huge part of its experience. I guess there’s just something about listening to good music while running over pedestrians that adds to the ambiance. The soundtrack for GTA V features all kinds of tracks by artists like Flying Lotus, Twin Shadow, and MF Doom for the game’s “driving around” music, but the background ambient tracks are composed by German ambient pioneers Tangerine Dream.

Tangerine Dream have been making music since the ’60s. The fact they’re still making music and are not dead is nothing short of remarkable (Ed Note: see below). Even if you’re not familiar with them by name, you’ve definitely heard their music. They’ve scored soundtracks for films like Risky Business, Legend, and Firestarter. But for GTA, they boldly crossed over into the world of video games.

I haven’t played GTA V, so you can excuse me for not knowing about this already. Plus, with Tangerine Dream founding member Edgar Forsese’s recent death, it seems appropriate to highlight the excellent contribution they made to the soundtrack. Their GTA score is both loyal to their original sound (new age-y ambient music) while also modern enough to enchant new listeners looking for that nostalgic ’80s sound.

The official GTA soundtrack doesn’t feature Tangerine Dream’s score, but fortunately a YouTube user uploaded all of Tangerine Dream’s tracks here. It’s a good thing too, because otherwise you’d have to settle for buying a CD from this shifty-looking website. What would we do without the internet?

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