“Solo Scum,” a Glitchy Take on Morning Commutes

Probably the biggest hurdle of any artist is making the mundane look beautiful. Director Mukai Jumpei somehow manages to do that with this stunning music video for Japanese experimental artist Yuki Matsumura. The video is a wide angle shot of something we see every day: commuters, dressed in all black, stomping off to work. It’s a mindlessly repetitive scene that’s not particularly inspiring, but by playing with effects, Jumpei manages to turn this otherwise hohum scene into a glitched out work of art. He works with the music with his cuts and edits, creating a kind of visual composition to the music that’s clever to watch unfold. Jumpei’s previous videos have dabbled in animation and digital art, but never live action. “Solo Scum” proves that with a little imagination, real life can be just as interesting.

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