#TBT: Punk Icon Nina Hagen Teaches David Letterman What Hair Extensions Are

German punk icon and hair inspiration Nina Hagen was a bit like the Marilyn Manson of the ’80s. With crazy hair, garish makeup, and outlandish performances, her schtick often distracted people from her talent and intellect. And maybe it’s for that reason that I find this old 1985 interview with David Letterman hilarious. He spends the majority of the interview obsessing over her hair extensions, which apparently was an alien concept back in the ’80s. The interview starts off awkward, with Letterman being his usual outdated self, but turns hilarious when Nina begins humoring him with her sharp quips.

Although I’ve never been a fan of Nina’s music, I’ve always respected her as a Strong Female Icon™ and love that she brought a glam, punk attitude to the masses. Oh, and if you stick toward the end of the video (cause I know you guys have short attention spans) you’ll be treated to a delightful story about–what else?–UFOs.

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