Dorian: “A Cualquier Otra Parte”

We continue our tour through the world of contemporary Spanish rock with a band that has been described as having great potential to become the next big musical export of the Iberian peninsula: Dorian. Formed in 2004 in Barcelona, the band consists of five members and mixes an eclectic range of sounds, mainly taking inspiration from new wave, indie rock, and electronica.Their song “A Cualquier Otra Parte” is taken from their second studio album El futuro no es de nadie, and perfectly encapsulates the soul of the band’s music.

The song begins with a long instrumental introduction that gets you on beat and ready to go, with the voices of the lead singer and the accompanying vocals later harmonizing very beautifully as the song kickstarts into a harder tune. The lyrics are written as a letter to a lover, or maybe even a monologue of confession, that states the singer would like to escape “a cualquier otra parte” (anywhere else). The feelings conveyed are enrapturing and is another reason to pay closer attention to the boom of new music coming from Spain.


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