Jane Campion’s Second Feature Film “An Angel At My Table”

The toxic sexism of the film industry cannot be denied, so today I thought it wise to recommend a film by New Zealander Jane Campion, one of four women to have ever been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director (a very sad fact to hear). And although she garnered international attention and the aforementioned praise for her third film The Piano, her second feature, An Angel at My Table, is also an excellently crafted film that is often overlooked in favor of the latter production.

The film tells the story of Janet Frame, an author of various short stories, novels, and young adult fiction whose recurring hospitalizations into psychiatric hospitals marked her vision of the world. The film is separated into three parts, each one depicting a period in Frame’s life with a different actress portraying her at various ages. Campion’s film was very well received by critics, but has not garnered enough recognition in the eyes of the general public. Despite this, An Angel at My Table is a wonderful viewing experience, and a testament to the natural talent of women in cinema.

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