Fink “Pilgrim”

British writer/producer Fin Greenall, aka Fink, is huge in the UK. But over here in the states he’s better known for being that guy whose music you always hear in TV shows and commercials but can never remember his name. From The Walking Dead to Selma, his music is everywhere, but this track from 2014′s Hard Believer is one of his best. Clocking in at over seven minutes, the song takes its time as it gradually builds to its climactic finale. Relying more on repetition and fragile vocals than knock-your-socks-off production, “Pilgrim” is the type of song that sounds like it was made for television. And his bluesy vocals are noticeably Yorke-ish here, creating a nice juxtaposition between his rock and soul roots. The whole album is currently streaming on YouTube.

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  1. Ivan Ivanov

    I really like his ‘biscuits for breakfast’ – the incredible thing! But this song is good as well. Thank you so much.


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