Love of Lesbian: “La Niña Imantada”

Our final installment in the ‘Spanish contemporary rock’ series is a great way to finish my dive into this niche genre of music. Love of Lesbian is (you guessed it) a Spanish band that hails from Catalonia and has been active for quite a while, starting off as the opening act for The Cure and singing solely in English. Later on they would change language completely to sing in their native Spanish, as well as making use of more indie sounds as opposed to their more pop-oriented earlier albums.

Their song “La Niña Imantada” comes from their 2007 album Cuentos Chinos Para Niños del Japon, an album full of gems that was released just before their streak of popularity in Spain. Starting off with the strong sound of drums and guitars that just draws you in, “La Niña Imantada” is a song about the joy of love and life–a simple yet effective homage to the magnetic nature of relationships. It speaks about the title girl being the force behind all these incredible feelings that are given in the name of love.

In case you missed it, the previous artists have been Supersubmarina, Vetusta Morla, and Dorian. Check them all out and have a Spanish rock party!

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