Cat Petting Simulator 2014: Play With Your Very Own Virtual Cat in Twine

Cat Petting Simulator 2014: Play With Your Very Own Virtual Cat in Twine

I don’t know who you are, player, but I want you, for at least a few minutes, to feel loved.

So writes the developer of Cat Petting Simulator 2014, a game that I entered with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised by. The warm fuzzies are overwhelming. I don’t know what it says about me or my expectations that I expected the cat to seize my hand and claw my palm, or for the toaster oven to burst into flames, or for something to burst through the door, but either way, I’m happy to see that my paranoia was unfounded. Cat Petting Simulator 2014 is really just a short text-based game about petting your cat and making her happy.

I’ve touched on warm games briefly before, so I won’t spend too much time rehashing my feelings about them, but I really loved Cat Petting Simulator 2014. It evokes the satiated, self-absorbed happiness of fat domesticated animals that love to do nothing more than stretch out in the sun and be adored, and your ability to make your virtual cat happy translates into self-esteem and satisfaction. It’s probably why non-virtual pets can make such great therapy animals.

So if you’re feeling a little down and you want to let this game wrap you up in a warm cozy blanket, or even if you’re away from home and just miss your cat, Cat Petting Simulator 2014 will bring a smile to your face.

(And yes, I renamed Cassie after my own cat.)

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