Snow Ghosts “Murder Cries”

I’ve learned to be wary of any band with the word “ghost” in the title. Sure there are exceptions (Holy Ghost, Simian Ghost), but usually when a band has the word “ghost” in its title it means I’m going to be assaulted with amateurish lo-fi shoegaze music paired with low-budget videos full of triangles (same goes for bands with “cold” in their title). But from the very first track of Snow Ghosts’ debut A Small Murmation, I knew that they had something different in store.

Snow Ghosts–producers Augustus Ghost and Throwing Snow (not their real names, obviously)–have a haunting gothic-ness about them that swells around you. There’s something beautiful and theatric about what they do, and it’s almost hard to believe that they’re still newbies to the scene. Their video for their single “Murder Cries” is not only beautiful but a perfect introduction to Snow Ghosts’ aesthetic for moody dramatics. I highly recommend them, especially for those who liked Blue Hawaii‘s acclaimed Untogether from earlier this year.

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