Web Series “God Particles” Is What the End of the World Would Look Like for 20-Somethings

“The world is ending… but like… who really cares, you know?”

God Particles is one of the latest independent web series to hit the internet, and it’s also one of the best. Split into four parts, these videos follow a familiar narrative, but in an entirely new and engaging way. The premise? The world is ending. The plot is intricately webbed and tangles itself together nicely throughout the individual parts, capturing viewers and taking them for a wild, at times depressing, at more times hilarious, hormone-filled, and emotionally-rich ride . Filled with a cast of lovable/despicable characters, hints of cinematic flare, and a nod to many of the great films of the past, you are not going to want to miss this. Filmmaker Leland Montgomery fills in a much needed gap when it comes to representing the voice of today’s twenty-somethings.

All four parts of the series can be watched for free online. That’s right… what are you waiting for?

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