“The Things They Carried” as Read by Heisenberg

“The Things They Carried” as Read by Heisenberg

If you’ve been enjoying Better Call Saul, then there’s a fair chance you’re feeling at least a tiny bit of nostalgia for Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston.  Rather than commit to a Netflix binge, why not satisfy that craving with a dramatic performance of a great post-modernist war drama?

Bryan Cranston lends his gravelly voice and intensity for the audiobook of Tim O’Brien’s literary classic, The Things They Carried. It’s already a raw story, but Cranston’s performance makes it haunting, the characters transforming into living, breathing men carrying their packs with the things they needed to wage war and somehow get through it afterwards.

Every emotion O’Brien meant to convey is beautifully carried out by Cranston. There’s terror, grief, and brotherhood, but also a pervasive longing throughout the story. That longing is both sinister and innocent, a complicated cry for love just as much as it is a petty wish for a cold Coke and cigarettes. This is the audiobook that will change how you feel about long car rides alone. It’s a masterful performance of a powerful story–you can’t ask for anything better.

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