“The Old Lady and the Pigeons,” Sylvain Chomet’s 1996 Short Film

Renowned animator Sylvain Chomet is known for being unapologetically French. Much like The Triplets of Belleville, a small portion of Chomet’s 1996 short The Old Lady and the Pigeons is devoted to lampooning Americans as being fat, dumb uncultured idiots. But Chomet plays with French stereotypes as well, creating films that have an unmistakable Parisian quality that’s host to a narrow assortment of eccentric and hilariously snooty characters. This short film is a good example of that. The short follows a hungry man who dresses up like a pigeon so that he can be fed by a little old lady. Although more than a decade old, the film was made available online only recently. Both clever and obnoxiously French, this is classic Chomet.

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