Don’t Eat the Shrimp in “The Static Speaks My Name”

Never has the act of eating shrimp induced so much cringe, and that’s from someone who really hates shrimp.

Long before The Static Speaks My Name introduces Objective 5, it’s clear that there is something very, very wrong. You might be able to dismiss the painting of shrimp on the wall captioned with “My Babies,” but the boarded up windows and rows of static-y TV screens serve as a pretty unsubtle note of wrongness in case you’re the kind of person who really does refer to your pets as your babies. There’s even a room lined with identical paintings of palm trees to heighten the surreality and creepiness of your house. Turn the corner and there’s a noose on the washing machine, because that’s definitely a normal thing to keep around the house.

The Static Speaks My Name is not for the faint of heart. I’ve played creepier and darker games, but there’s an extra edge added by the first person point of view. Some scenes are blackly comedic, but even the bits that make you laugh at the absurdity contribute to the overall sense of unease that permeates the game.

At the risk of spoiling the game, here are some warnings below the cut:

Short but not particularly sweet, The Static Speaks My Name is a game about your last night alive before you kill yourself. It contains some mild sexual content that is more sad than titillating, which is definitely the objective, and has some Ken-doll-grade nudity. It never answers any of the questions it asks, and maybe that’s the point. It is definitely disturbing and, by forcing you to actually kill yourself, is one of the most upsetting games I’ve encountered. So if you’re interested in it, I recommend you proceed with caution.

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