The Lakeview Cabin Collection: A Pixelated Homage to Slasher Movies

Ah, summer camp. Four camp counselors, a beautiful lake, and optional nudity. Has there ever been a time in history when this formula didn’t lead to murder and mayhem?

The Lakeview Cabin Collection, an expanded version of the very tedious but somewhat interesting Lakeview Cabin, follows four camp counselors who desperately try to rally themselves and fight a mysterious baby-faced killer that erupts out of the closets, forest, and who knows where else. The adults are useless, as is the norm in situations like these, and well, the counselors aren’t much better.

It bills itself as a homage to slasher movies of the ’70s and ’80s, most strongly seen when the game opens in a movie theater showing several horror movies. Each episode (only one has been released so far) lets you select a movie to enter. The world is greatly expanded from its origins, making each macabre and bloody survival puzzle a good deal more complex. The fun, as always, lies in experimenting, though the vast options available can make survival tricky. I have yet to figure out how to survive, but the solution almost certainly does not involve setting the dog on fire and running screaming into the lake as the rest of the camp goes up in flames.

The Lakeview Cabin Collection, for all its gore and violence, isn’t exactly scary though. A few jump scares might get you here and there, but all in all, its tongue-in-cheek approach and irreverence (beware of poop!) make it more funny than horrifying. And the myriad of ways in which people can die becomes more absurd than shocking. People looking for a more serious horror adventure should keep looking, but for fans of black comedy and violence, well, The Lakeview Cabin Collection is right up your alley.

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