The “Psycho” Trailer, Perhaps More Startling Than the Film It Explores

Nearly everyone has seen Alfred Hitchcock’s popularized shower scene from the thriller Psycho, with it’s unforgettable soundtrack engrained into the mind of cinematic history for the rest of time. However, Hitchcock didn’t stop there when it came to creating a film that was bound to stick in our memories. If you’ve never seen it, the original Psycho trailer is a masterpiece in and of itself.

Starring Hitchcock himself as a tour guide of the fictional set, this trailer is a rare and privileged peak into the filmmaker’s mind, even if it’s only in the subtleties of it all. Offering the occasional commentary and filling the script with movie-making hints, this short can be watched over and over again. As for that beloved shower scene? Hitchcock covers it too… just you wait.

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