The Canine Revolution Will Be Televised

Similar to Animal Farm, Hungarian film White God looks at the hypothetical yet believable scenario of what would happen if all the dogs of the world, particularly unwanted sheltered dogs, took over and started a revolution. Oh sure, you’re snickering now (and trust me, I was snickering too while watching the trailer), but there’s nothing to laugh about in White God. In fact, after watching the film you’ll probably go home and hug your dog (like I did).

In the film, a 13-year-old girl is devastated when her dog, Hagen, is thrown out on the street by her father. Lost and confused, Hagen tries to survive on the streets alone, but his friendly, trusting nature leads him into the hands of those looking to exploit and abuse him. Sold into a dog fighting ring, Hagen’s docile temperament is beaten out of him, transforming him into the evil “beast” humans wanted him to be.

I’m telling you, not since Benji has a dog been such an engrossing main character. Even more astounding is that all 250 dogs in the film, including the lead dog, were all rescue dogs from animal shelters. Combine that with the “humans are fundamentally evil” message running through the film and we get a clear idea of the filmmakers’ agenda. In White God, dogs might be beasts, but we are the true animals.

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