Welcome Springtime With the Delightful Comic “Balderdash!”

Welcome Springtime With the Delightful Comic “Balderdash!”

If you’re looking for something fun, colorful, and clever to read this lovely Spring, look no further than Victoria Grace Elliott’s charming comic, Balderdash! Or, A Tale of Two Witches.

Set in the lush countryside of a fantastical country, Balderdash! follows two young magic users, Georgie and Afia, in their quests to learn their respective crafts and grow into accomplished women in the process. Georgie, a rustic and determined witch, has traveled far from home to apprentice herself to the master baker Fausto. There’s a catch, though–neither the curmudgeonly Fausto nor his town seem too keen on having a witch among them, and Georgie (while being talented and driven) doesn’t have much experience in doing things without the aid of magic.

Meanwhile, sorcery student Afia has run away from home to seek her destiny and, in her own words, become stronger.  When she suddenly realizes she has inherited a strange power from her reclusive grandmother, Afia must master a whole new brand of magic unfamiliar to her.

Soon enough these young women’s paths will cross and, in spite of the trials that lay ahead of them, their story promises to be a grand adventure.

Balderdash! is a gem of a comic, vibrantly colored with a delightful visual style reminiscent of a storybook.  Interspersed between chapters are Georgie’s recipes and Afia’s magic tutorials, which give lovely insight into both the girls and their unique approaches to magic. Elliott’s writing is simple and sincere, and cuts straight to the heart of that most difficult time for children: leaving home.

Balderdash! Or, A Tale of Two Witches updates Fridays, and is the perfect comic to read on a sunny day with a slice of cake for company.

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