Contemplate an Alternate History With “The Boleyn King”

Contemplate an Alternate History With “The Boleyn King”

History lovers, especially those enamored with the Tudors, have often contemplated what would happen if a famous figure avoided their tragic and heartbreaking fate. Now, in Laura Andersen’s The Boleyn Trilogy, she ponders what would have happened to Anne Boleyn, England, and even Elizabeth I had Henry VIII’s second queen born him the longed-for male heir.

Anne’s son Henry IX, also known as William, is the new King of England who only trusts three people: his older sister Elizabeth, his best friend Dominic, and the girl he’s in love with, a royal ward of his mother’s: Minuette. Unfortunately for the young ruler, the French are threatening to start a war while rebellion simmers in England itself. To make matters worse, both William and Dominic are both in love with Minuette, which could tear their friendship apart.

Andersen’s trilogy isn’t some romantic imagining of the peaceful life Anne would have led if she managed to give Henry a son. Instead, the author stays true to the troubled time period by having her characters navigate a possible war, intrigues, and even rebellion in their midst as well. While Andersen spins an intriguing yarn, it is her nod to the historical record and her keen attention to detail that draws you in and keeps you engrossed until you put down the last book in the series.

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