For the Love of God: Pass Judgment Over Sinners According to the Ten Commandments

For the Love of God: Pass Judgment Over Sinners According to the Ten Commandments

In the tradition of, but not nearly so dark as, Papers Please comes For the Love of God, the story of an ordinary bureaucrat in Heaven forced to decide whether to send people to heaven or hell. But rather than using their own judgment, this bureaucrat must rely on the 10 commandments. Listen, you might have been best friends with Kim Jong Un, but if you’ve never taken the Lord’s name in vain or coveted your neighbor’s wife, the pearly gates stand wide open. Likewise, you may have worked 70 hours a week to feed your family, but once you talked back to your dad, so nope, pull the lever and get down into hell, you terrible harlot.

For the Love of God is simple and clearly not meant to be taken seriously, especially considering the numerous personal messages from God who has nothing good to say about the way you maintain your desk, your conduct at your job, etc. Never mind that God is the one who failed to provide you with a trashcan to throw your leftover papers into–this is heaven, so God wants you to act like it. Also, God writes, remember to smile at people as you send them to hell. In short, God is like the manager at the fast food restaurant you worked at as a teenager: overbearing, pompous, and kind of an idiot. That’s…comforting.

On the other hand, if passing judgment on strangers is your kind of thing (and let’s face it, who among us can deny doing that–let him cast the first stone), For the Love of God is a funny way to pass the time. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, judge away.

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