Discover Ancient Magic in “The Silver Witch”

Discover Ancient Magic in “The Silver Witch”

Unlike the snarky witches in American Horror Story: Coven or Evelyn Poole and her devil-worshiping coven from Penny Dreadful, Paula Brackston’s magic-users are tied to ancient Celtic beliefs. Her novel The Silver Witch follows ceramic artist Tilda Fordwells, who moves into a secluded Welsh cottage in the wake of her husband’s sudden death in the hopes it will heal her grief. What Tilda doesn’t count on is the nearby lake awakening ancient powers and a mysterious connection to an ancient Celtic woman named Seren, who is believed to be a witch.

The intertwined stories make for an interesting plot, as Tilda must learn to use her newfound abilities while struggling to heal from her grief. Her heartbreak is real, despite a possible new love interest on the horizon. Plus, she’s not your typical strong female character who is extremely one-note and only relies on her physical strength. Instead, Tilda is emotionally strong while still being courageous enough to explore her bizarre paranormal connection to the witch Seren as she tries to understand her psychic abilities. By the time The Silver Witch ends, you’ll be glad that you stuck with Tilda on her journey to overcome her grief and make sense of the paranormal visions that were plaguing her. Devoid of tropes, this breezy read is paranormal fiction done the mature way.

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