Black & White With Bursts of Color — Remembering Regina Spektor’s “Fidelity”

Though she may not be topping the pop charts, and she’s certainly no household name, Regina Spektor’s music can be a pure joy to stumble upon—as is this 2006 music video by the singer-songwriter, “Fidelity.” The song’s lyrics talk about a lover who always has “one foot on the ground,” and how that fear of giving in to love “breaks [her] heart.” The song breaks mine, too.

A combination of the whimsical lyrics and Spektor’s beautifully eery vocals make for a somber and nostalgic experience for listeners, while the video itself demonstrates that dilemma through the use of a black and white set that doesn’t see any bursts of color until, at last, another lover is brought into the frame. Spektor’s songs may be simple in idea, but that doesn’t keep them from being wrapped up in emotion, memories, and feelings of uncertainty. A lovely vocalist and a lovely video, “Fidelity” is the type of song you can have on repeat all day long without ever once wanting to press pause.

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