• “Forever” Is the Job That Never Ends

  • “Forever” Is the Job That Never Ends

  • “Forever” Is the Job That Never Ends

“Forever” Is the Job That Never Ends

As people gear up for the long weekend ahead, just remember: not everyone gets the day off. And for some people, the work never ends.

Welcome to Forever, an odd game about working the check out at a supermarket where scanning the items produces not the price but the message “and forever.” Objects are bulky and difficult to maneuver, but as your endless line of customers marches by, they become increasingly bizarre, going from giant jam jars to baseball bats to…Magritte’s not-a-pipe.

Forever is Art with a capital A, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the chief enjoyment of the game is derived from the increasingly strange things that come bumping their way down the conveyer belt. The customers are largely faceless and reactionless–throw something at them, a temptation many cashiers have no doubt struggled with, and the items simply reappear on the belt–but you find yourself wondering exactly why someone would buy this strange assortment of items and what they plan on doing.

Forever is monotonous and intentionally so, capturing perhaps the real-life monotony of cashier work and tempering the silliness of the items and strange physics. If you’re tempted to moan about the weekend or getting the holiday off, Forever is here to remind you…it could always be worse.

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