Get Up Close and Personal With Ancient Greek Heroines in “Helen of Sparta”

Get Up Close and Personal With Ancient Greek Heroines in “Helen of Sparta”

Amalia Carosella’s historical fiction novel Helen of Sparta recounts the tale of the famous Helen of Troy, but unlike other novels or movies based on her life, this one is different. Instead, Carosella’s Helen is a determined young woman who has been haunted by nightmares of a burning city ever since she was a little girl and learns that her dreams foretell an impending war that only she can prevent. In an attempt to keep thousands of people from dying, she flees from her home in the middle of the night and winds up meeting the ancient hero Theseus, who vows to protect her. Fleshed out in all its tragic glory, in this version of Helen’s story you get a chance to see the human underneath the mythological figure.

History and mythology meet in Helen of Sparta, although you don’t need to be a scholar on ancient Greece to enjoy the novel, as Carosella’s compelling heroine will keep you reading from the moment you open the book. Even with the cards stacked against her, Helen refuses to meekly obey her destiny and become a figurehead for a pointless war that she wants nothing to do with. Readers who enjoy well-rounded female characters will definitely be charmed by her willpower and determination to live life on her own terms!

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