#TBT: Laurent Garnier “Man With the Red Face”

Electronic DJ/producer Laurent Garnier has been spinning tracks for longer than I can remember. I’ve been listening to his HOME box recently, which is a collector’s edition of unreleased tracks, remixes, and other rarities combined into an assortment of LPs and CDs. But while HOME box is meant for hardcore fans, those too young to remember Garnier’s contribution to ’90s Detroit techno should check out this single from 2000. Clocking in at over eight minutes, “Man With the Red Face” is a classic track with a long, meandering beat that builds throughout. However, the song is most famously remembered for the strangled saxophone that plays on top of the track, which the title eludes to since the player would be red in the face by the song’s end. But the true holy grail of this old classic is its video directed by Siraj Jhaveri. The video shows the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, which, of course, wouldn’t be complete without hilarious clips of cheesy old Bollywood flicks. Oh, and ready to feel old? This video is almost 15 years old.

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