Night Flowers “Bound”

The main appeal of London five-piece Night Flowers is nostalgia. Their shoegaze-y approach to melodies sounds like the soundtrack for an early ’90s teen, complete with jilted love triangles, shoe boxes full of mixtapes, and late night phone calls with their crush telling them to hang up (“No, you hang up”). Their debut self-titled EP, which you can stream here, proves that although Night Flowers’ sound is familiar, it’s the good kind of familiar, the kind that’s like revisiting an old book or a favorite film. Although all the tracks on their EP echo the same mood,  “Bound” is probably the least nostalgic of the four tracks, drooping along with its dreamy, melancholy chorus. Regardless if you’re a forlorn past-seeker or  just someone who loves dream pop, Night Flowers is worth a listen.

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