Laura Clock “Fade”

Berlin producer/songstress Laura Clock, formerly known as Butterclock, has been quietly existing for years, appearing on tracks by producer oOoOO and quietly releasing a forgotten EP, Lost Prom, that came and went. But after shedding her old moniker and adapting her sound, Clock’s new Baby – Part One EP reflects the new her–or at least the ghostly/disco version, anyway. With a flowy, angelic voice, Clock’s music is pop if made by a forlorn dancehall club queen. Her music is just weird enough to attract the Maria Minerva fans and just poppy enough to please those looking for a quick Grimes fix. But beware: her brand of dance pop has an ulterior motive. “l wrote ['Fade'] as an empowering statement, trying to get over someone, or over something,” Clock said. “Speaking to those who dance in the club ’til eight in the morning to forget. But behind the upbeat shimmers lies darker truth.”

If you’re up for dancing through the heartache, you can stream the full thing now.

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