Manic After Midnite “The Chase”

Singer-songwriter Manic After Midnite, or M.A.M for short, has a sound that can only be described as warm. You want to strip down to your tank top, take off your shoes, and kick back in front of a fan when you listen to it. And no, I’m not talking about in a “hot and steamy” kind of way but in a relaxing, inviting way. M.A.M.’s Soundcloud is mostly full of acoustic covers and a few original tracks that show off a more icy, celestial sound. But “The Chase,” her newest single, shows off a more fully evolved sound, one that belongs on radios, not sitting idly by in a Soundcloud playlist. With breathy soft vocals reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope era, M.A.M. has captured a song that’s both familiar yet original. On Soundcloud the song is tagged as “planetary,” and to be honest, that explains it far better than I can.

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